TIP-Zeitung besser als Bundesliga


      Many thanks for your valuable work. TIP is a very important information source about Thailand for us, which we visit every year and where we intend to stay for longer at a later stage.
Diego Morosoli, Rapperswil (Switzerland)

      Once I return to Thailand I am going to renew my subscription, because I don’t want to miss out on all those insightful news published in your magazine.
Lothar Pätzold, Surin

      I would like to thank you for the always timely delivery, and of course also for the very interesting editorials. I also hope that you will continue to keep your guest columnists of ‘SCHMID’S AMBOSS’ and ‘Deutschland-Impressionen’.
Armin Bühler, Chiang Rai

      I have transferred the subscription fee to you this morning. This will ensure that I can continue to enjoy reading your informative and entertaining newspaper.
Hans-Ulrich Herren, Kalasin

      Coherent and articulately written with interesting articles on all kinds of topics. Even the layout is very good. The newspaper may cost a little more, but it’s definitely worth the expenditure. Unadulterated information and no complacency journalism.
Peter Graf von Sahrau, Pattaya

      … and thank you for the cooperative and competent advice, something rarely encountered in Thailand. We even have already received first reactions for our ad.” 
Robert V., K-Hotel, Patong, Phuket

      … Among all German-language publications in Thailand, TIP is my top favorite. Even on the Internet truly insightful reports about Thailand are difficult to find.
Martin Weinkopf, Berlin (Germany)

      I’ve already been living on and off in Thailand for a few years and always bought your newspaper, which I find very interesting.
Rolf Banz, Breganzona (Switzerland)

      I would like to thank you for the always fantastic placement of our advertisements. We are also very satisfied with the response rate.
Thai Farang Expert, Pattaya

      … I’ve been visiting Thailand for 14 years, and have been living here for six years. In my opinion, TIP is the best German-language newspaper in Thailand due to its interesting background features and excellent general information value.
Ludwig Tremmel, Roi Et

      TIP is in my opinion the only newspaper that reports objectively on Thailand.
Kurt Spiess, Waldshut-Tiengen (Germany)

      … After more than seven years of living in Thailand, I have come to realize that you are the only reliable and competent contact when it comes to a solid business relationship. I can only recommend you whole-heartily. I value your professional know-how in publishing, your concise counseling and your quick action! For our new project, ‘The Green Hill Residence’ in Chiang Mai, TIP-Zeitung is our optimal advertising partner!
Manfred Kuhn, Marketing & Sales Manager, SM Consult Co., Ltd., Chiang Mai

      I’d like to whole-heartily commend TIP-Zeitung for its entire editorial work. All stories and articles are well researched, in my opinion, and the diversity of covered subjects is as stimulating as interesting. It’s particularly pleasant to notice that advertisements and advertorial content is restricted to a sensible amount. As a long-time reader I always eagerly await the next issue with great curiosity.
Nicolaus Albrich, Buriram

      … and many thanks for the quick shipping of my order. I also wish to take the opportunity to extend a cordial thank you to the TIP team for their outstanding work. I am reading each and every TIP issue; and that already since more than 20 years.
Dieter Krest, Rayong

      … The older TIP issues you sent me have all been distributed to German-speaking readers in Pattaya. I frequently notice that TIP-Zeitung is extremely sought after …
Manfred Franz, Pattaya

      Greetings from Munich / Kamala Phuket. I’d like to order a one-year subscription of the PDF issue of TIP-Zeitung. How much do I have to remit to where? Continue your good work!
Matthias Pascher

      … I shall continue reading your newspaper attentively and with lots of enjoyment. Your stories always are very insightful and informative with regards to the situation in the country. Continue your good work.
Karl Adams, Bang Saray

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