Testimonials from THIP NONI customers:

All medication discontinued!
“For years, I suffered from hypertension and high cholesterol levels. During a Thailand visit three years ago, I frequently consumed THIP NONI over the course of four months. After my return to Switzerland I went to see my doctor for a check-up. The [blood] levels had normalized and I was able to discontinue my medications completely. Since that time, I regularly undergo a noni regimen whenever I spend my vacation in Thailand.”
Markus E., Koh Samui / Switzerland

I could halve my daily medication dose!
I am all too happy to confirm that your THIP NONI juice is showing very good effects. Since I’ve started drinking the noni juice continuously, my liver function reading has stabilized at 160 U/l; without the juice it is twice as high. My metabolic readings also have improved substantially and I was now able to halve my daily blood pressure medication dose.”
Manfred Reithmeier, Bavaria Pub, Phuket Patong

No heart transplantation thanks to THIP NONI!
“When I arrived in Thailand last November, I was very ill. My physicians in Heidelberg recom­mended heart transplantation. Since I started taking your THIP NONI juice at the end of ­December my condition began improving ­markedly. I had more energy, felt almost no pain and could once again enjoy my life. During my latest cardiac test last week in Heidelberg I was able to tread 125 watts on the ergometer for the first time. All other parameters also had improved so much that my next examination has been postponed until next year!”
Thomas Bauer, Heidelberg

Anti-hypertension medication discontinued!
“I arrived in Thailand rather healthy and only had problems with severe hypertension. Since taking THIP NONI, I’ve been able to quit taking my pills. Everything was fine during a medical check-up. I think the juice also has some prophylactic properties, promoting good health.”
Karl-Heinz Müller, Rayong

Considerably improved general condition
“I have been living in Thailand for the past five years, and since two years I’ve been regularly drinking THIP NONI. My general health has significantly improved through that: I’ve lost weight, have halved my blood pressure medication, my gout pain has diminished, I no longer suffer from bothersome colds, and I also sleep much better now. I definitely must attribute this improvement of my health to my noni juice consumption.”
Gerald Ofenloch, Hua Hin

No more pains!
“In 2013, I experienced severe pains in my right hand that lasted four months, and I suspect it was senile gout. I started to regularly drink THIP NONI. After about four to six weeks, the pains subsided and eventually were gone completely. When I stopped my noni treatment after two years, the pains returned. So I took up drinking noni once again – and after only one week the pains became weaker and had again vanished entirely after another week. I am convinced this success must be credited to noni juice.”
Erika Dunkel, Koh Samui


What ever you want to know about Noni …

Quality-Test in Germany, Thai Product

Noni Fruit and Marketing
Morinda citrifolia is botanical name of Noni, a wild fruit that grows on shrubs and medium-sized trees (Indian mulberry like in Thailand) in the Indo-pacific region between Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle America. Especially in the Polynesian region, the Noni fruit is an important part of its culture, which is full of stories about this magical potato-sized fruit, which is at first green and turns creamy yellow as it ripens. The Aborigines call it “Queen of Plants”. Moreover, the Noni’s leaves, blossoms and roots can be used for different treatments.
From Tahiti, the first traditionally produced Noni juice was exported and introduced to the world, and also to Thailand, where Tahitian Noni juice was advertised as the ne plus ultra. Surprisingly, positive effects of the Noni were widely known in almost every part of the country, and the fruit has been used for ages. They just did not come to the idea of making money out of it in and outside Thailand. But now it has changed. Nowadays, many manufacturers produce and market high-quality products from the Noni. At the same time some scientists, however, claim that the Polynesian shrubs are ­heavily contaminated due to the French atomic bomb tests.

Curative Effects of Noni

Extensive scientific researches show that the Noni is possibly the most significant discovery in the field of natural dietary supplements in the last decades. In the following part, we do not want to get lost in technical terms of biochemistry, which can be gathered from specialised literature. We will focus on scientifically proven effects and results of the Noni.
For example, as Japanese and American researchers have found out, with consumption of Noni juice, mice having Lewis lung cancer, which normally lived for only 14 days, could live up to 38 days (132% longer).
In a study by University of Metz in France, it was found out that the Noni had a pain-killing effect at 75% of the morphine sulfate, but without becoming addicted to it. Long before that, a study with 58 patients with high blood pressure in Vietnam also showed that after consuming Noni, the blood pressure of 47 patients (80%) decreased to a notable level. In addition, the Noni also has a strong anti-bacterial effect, as proven by various researches, mostly against morbid germs, such as salmonellae, shigella and fungi. 72% of 2,638 overweight people also said that they lost weight considerably by taking Noni. Moreover, people suffering migraine or headache said that the chronic pain, which could not be suppressed by orthodox medicine or any other method, had decreased. In all traditional applications, pain suppression is one of the most important effects of the Noni, which has been substantiated by various researches.
With its positive effects in balancing blood circulation, de-acidification and improving digestion, and with its composition of vitamins and secondary plant extracts, the Noni can improve general state of health and increase energy, as well as promote the self-healing power of our body. Even in therapies against cancer and AIDS, the Noni also exerts a positive effect as complementary medicine to the invasive and highly toxic medication.
In 1998, Dr. Solomon, in cooperation with 40 doctors and non-medical practitioners, conducted interviews with 10,000 patients in the US about the effects of Noni juice. The results showed that 58–91% of those interviewed had either recovery or notice­able improvement.

Withdrawal from smoking  58%
Stroke  58%
Kidney problems  66%
Cancer  67%
Muscle formation  71%
Stress reduction  71%
Sleep disorder  72%
Overweight  72%
Vigilance  73%
Depression  77%
Respiratory difficulties  78%
General state of health  79%
Arthritis  80%
Heart problems  80%
Diabetes Type 1+2  83%
Allergies  85%
High blood pressure  85%
Headache  87%
Sexual problems  88%
Concentration  89%
Digestion  89%
Fatigue  91%

The expertise of Dr. Solomon is indisputable: He is a doctor, a New York bestseller author, a columnist of LA Times and a health commentator at CNN/TV. Moreover, he was also former health minister of Maryland (USA).
With all these results, every party concerned should eradicate their prejudice that Noni is just a hyped product by profiteers. Actually, this point of view is understandable, since Noni is sold at horrendous and unreasonable prices worldwide.

Why Noni is not officially regarded as medicine
The shaman, a respectable profession in the past, was regarded as signpost for the modern orthodox medicine. We used natural remedies to cure diseases over the past millenniums. Nowadays, in the enormous pharmaceutical industry, if we want to search for a new remedy, we have to look up in ancient Chinese books first, and then synthesise what can be found in the nature, because it is clearly necessary for us to secure our capital and jobs.
Students of the orthodox medicine are also aimed at this great social duty. Therefore they study only chemistry, not biology, which is actually much more related to human. Despite proven success in curing diseases, non-medical practitioners are still regarded as charlatans. Juices like Noni juice, which has in practice extremely positive effects on our health and wellbeing as well as on development of serious diseases, can be described officially only as dietary supplements.
The effectiveness of the Noni fruit is undermined arrogantly by “scientific” arguments, despite all proofs in practice and knowledge in the past centuries. Now and then, there are even attempts to link causes of some health damages to consumption of Noni – so far, however, without success. This will continue until the pharmaceutical industry can succeed in synthesizing chemical Noni juice with “evident” health effects. A subjective better feeling by by Noni drinkers is no evidence in orthodox medicine.

Can there be any side effects?
Unlike most of pharmaceutical products, the Noni does not cause any side effect in general. However, even the healthiest food, if you consume it excessively, it can cause an opposite effect. Drinking a shot of Noni daily has just as little negative effect as drinking any other kind of fruit juices. Negative effects from excessive consumption can occur with babies. The Noni also has a positive effect on menstruation. Therefore it is recommended for pregnant women and diabetics to take only a small dose.
During a course of disease-specific treatment with Noni, unpleasant symptoms may occur for a short time, for example, bad breath, pimples, cough, diarrhoea, flatulence, foul smelling urine, headache, heavier period and lack of energy in general. When some of theses symptoms occur, you should keep in mind that they are actually desirable symptoms. Noni will clean and detoxify your body for a few days, before the curing starts as desired. During this period, it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

What does “100% Noni” mean?
In advertisements, the pure, 100% Noni juice is presented as very effective. There is a manufacturer in Thailand who has been ­plugging its Noni juice for many years as “100%” and put a high price on it like drugstore products. Customers are convinced that they are buying the only one pure undiluted Noni juice in Thailand, which contains no sugar. But that is not true – apart from a considerable amount of water, it also contains 2.2% sugar, according to its own analyses on the webpage. We have not seen any product in the market that is not diluted with water. In our informative advertisement, so far this claim still remains uncontradicted.

Beware of Charlatans!
In Pattaya, a German with the nice-sounding title “stud.alternative Medicine”, who also sells Noni products, has warned diabetics of allegedly “extremely dangerous” results from consumption of Noni juice with sugar added, which, of course, can be avoided if they use his computer analysis and take his “health promoting” medical remidies, consultancy and treatment with him first. Actually, the title “stud.alternative Medicine” itself, which sounds like a name from an operetta, says it all and should send a warning signal to every customer. Meanwhile this “stud. alternative Medicine” is offering our Noni. To prevent a mix up and forgery we registered and advertise our own trade mark THIP NONI.

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